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Trash Pickup Service

Trash / Recycling Program

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Trash Pickup Service

 Complaints / Resolutions (678) 407-6216

 For new service or cancellation of service please contact Customer Service at (678) 297-6060.

 For bill inquiries

The City of Alpharetta provides residential curbside garbage, recycling, and yard-waste collection services. The City, via a third party contractor, services all residential units within the City. Currently, REPUBLIC is the City provider.

For REPUBLIC SERVICES complaints and resolution please contact our Municipal Specialist at 678-407-6216.

To initiate, discontinue, or inquire about the City’s services, call (678) 297-6060.

Collection Rates:
$17.65 per month for a 68-gallon container
$18.83 per month for a 95-gallon container
Senior Reduction (Age 65): $8.75
Senior Exempt (Age 65/Depends On Income): No Charge

*Included in the above rates, a $2.00 monthly environmental fee is charged to all sanitation accounts. The City bills garbage services every 90 days.

*Customers have the option of receiving another garbage cart from REPUBLIC Waste, with an additional charge of $6.47 per month.

Excess Garbage
The City utilizes a "pay as you throw" program, whereby customers are allowed to dispose more waste than the 68 or 95-gallon containers; however, garbage tags must be purchased and placed on the personal trash can. The price of each tag is $1.00 and may be purchased at City Hall, 2 Park Plaza or by calling Customer Service at 678-297-6060.

For additional information on Garbage Rates or Services, please e-mail the Customer Service Team at

Yard Trimmings, Limbs & Brush
The collection of leaves and grass is performed by REPUBLIC Waste on a weekly basis. These materials should be placed at curbside by 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled day of your pick up. Yard trimmings should be containerized in 1) Paper lawn bags (10 bags maximum) or 2) 35 gallon trash cans or containers (5 maximum). Additionally, tree limbs may be no longer than 3 feet in length and 6 inches in diameter and tied in bundles (10 bundles maximum).

Residential Bulky Waste Items 

The pick-up of residential bulky waste is included in the cost of trash service, however, you must request service 72 hours in advance and advise exactly what is to be picked-up. To schedule pick-up of items that cannot be containerized (as described above) please contact REPUBLIC Waste Customer Service at 678-407-6216.

Residential Bulky Waste means discarded items that are larger than (3) feet in dimension, and/or heavier than fifty (50) pounds in weight, and/or otherwise will not fit within an empty Residential Solid Waste Storage Cart, thus too large or too bulky to be collected during normal Residential Municipal Solid Waste Collection, including but not limited to items such as mattresses and box springs, indoor/outdoor furniture, swing sets, plastic swimming pools, large toys, bicycles, televisions, fish aquariums, white goods i.e. refrigerators/freezers (all refrigerates must be tagged by a certified technician indicating appliances are CFC free) and other similar items. 

*To schedule bulky waste pickup Please fill out the following Bulky Waste Pickup Form




RecycleBank is a rewards program that motivates participants to recycle by offering valuable RecycleBank Points for your recycling efforts. Participants can save over $100.00 annually through this rewards program.

For more information about the program please click on the RecycleBank banner below. Recycled material should be placed in the recycle bins provided by the City and placed at the curbside on the regular garbage pick-up day.



The following materials may be recycled:
 Aluminum and Metal Food & Beverage
 Cans Foil & Pie Tins
 Food/Beverage Containers
 Clean Newspaper
 All #1 through  #7 plastic containers
 Phone Books
 White or colored paper
 Chipboard boxes (cereal, soda, cracker, detergent boxes)
 Corrugated cardboard (broken down to 2 x 2 size in order to fit into the recycling bin)

*For Complaints call 678-407-6216

*Food items should be rinsed from the containers. To request additional bins or for more information concerning the City’s recycling program, contact our Customer Service Team at 678-297-6060.

FAQs: Republic Services

Q:  If my garbage services are missed, does the City of Alpharetta credit my account?
A:  The City does not credit any accounts for missed services.  If this occurs, please contact REPUBLIC SERVICES at 678-407-6216 to make arrangements for any missed items to be picked up. 

Q:  How often am I billed for garbage service?
A:  The City of Alpharetta bills for garbage services once a quarter.  The billing dates are March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st).  You will have twenty (20) days from the bill date to pay your bill.  A late fee in the amount of $5.00 will be imposed after the 21st day.

Q:  Does the City of Alpharetta handle water / sewer accounts?
A:  The City of Alpharetta does not provide water and sewer service.  Please contact Fulton County Water Department @ 404-612-6830 to inquire about these services. 

For the convenience of our customers, the City offers account information via 24-hour automated phone assistance at 678-297-6060 and through Internet access. Customers also have options of bill payment that eliminate the need to write and mail a check.

• Customers can set up an automatic draft of their bank account
• Customers can set up an Internet Payment Option
• Customers can make a payment using Visa, Discover, American Express and MasterCard over the phone

*Please call Customer Service at 678-297-6060 or email us at for more information.

Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule

Thanksgiving – CLOSED   Thursday 11 / 26 / 2015 (Thurs moved to Fri, Fri – Sat)

ChristmasCLOSED        Friday 12 / 25 / 2015 (Fri moved to Saturday)

New Years CLOSED       Friday 1 / 1 / 2016 (Fri moved to Saturday )

If your normal pickup falls on one of the above holidays, your garbage will be picked up on the following day. For example: (using Thanksgiving Day Holiday): If your pickup is on Thursday, November 26th, your pickup will be Friday, November 27th and Friday Pickup will be Saturday.

NOTE: Regular trash and recycling collection schedules will be maintained on all other holidays. If your normal trash collection schedule falls on any of the following (or another holiday not listed above) please have your carts at curbside as usual on your assigned day.

Thanksgiving (closed)
Christmas (closed)
New Year's Day (closed)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Regular Pickup)
Memorial Day (Regular Pickup)
July 4th (Regular Pickup)
Labor Day (Regular Pickup)

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