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Fulton County Public School System, which was recently rated "One of the Top 100 School Districts in Places You Can Afford" by Money Magazine.

Fulton county public schools consistently win awards and recognition for the high quality of education they provide: some high schools were named among the top 13 in the state of Georgia, and one was recently named a state School of Excellence. While the average SAT score for Fulton County's Senior Class of 1996 was 1003, slightly below the national average of 1013, this statistic needs to be weighted by the fact that in Fulton County, fully 84% of students take the SAT while nationwide, a much smaller percentage, only 41%, take this exam. In fact, when only the top students in the school system are compared (the top tenth of the class according to high school rank), Fulton County seniors scored an impressive 1231, well above the national average (for top tenth of class) of 1197.

The elementary and middle schools are similarly noteworthy, boasting high test scores and academic achievement: two were recently named Merit Pay schools by the state, helping Fulton County achieve more winners than any other district in the state. For more information on the Fulton County public school system, see its Internet site at  or call (404) 768-3600.

Higher Education

Alpharettans also have access to higher education, ranging from the Alpharetta campus of DeVry University and Keller Graduate School of Management to the numerous colleges and universities in the Metro Atlanta area. A campus of Georgia State University is now open in Alpharetta. World famous Georgia Tech, located just north of downtown Atlanta, ranks among the top engineering schools in the country.

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DeVry University
2555 Northwinds Parkway
Alpharetta GA 30009

DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management
2555 Northwinds Parkway
Alpharetta GA 30009

Georgia State University
3705 Brookside Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30022

Reinhardt College
North Fulton Center
4100 Old Milton Parkway
Suite 200
Alpharetta, GA 30005
770-475-0263 Fax

Emory Continuing Education
1725 Windward Concourse
Alpharetta, GA, 30005-1784


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Environmental Education

The City is also proud of its Environmental Education Center, open five days a week, which operates as a community service providing information on environmental topics.

The center arranges special programs for groups and features a library with hundreds of valuable resource materials and a wide range of free brochures.

To become a part of the important volunteer force that keeps Alpharetta at the forefront of environmental services, call (770) 410-5835.

Community members participate in projects such as water quality monitoring, roadside cleanup, removing illegal signs, telephone book recycling, collection and recycling of batteries, plant rescue, composting and grasscycling.

Green Community Involvement

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