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Biography of Gary George

Gary D. George was appointed Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management Director for the City of Alpharetta on July 1, 2006. He has spent the past five years as the Chief of Police for Alpharetta.

Prior to being appointed Director of Public Safety; Gary D. George was appointed Chief of Police of the Alpharetta, Georgia Police Department on August 1, 2001. A recognized innovator, educator and practitioner of policing, Chief George has focused the Alpharetta Police Department on crime fighting and crime prevention through a more accountable organizational structure, and an enhanced strategy of community policing.

Chief George served the Independence, Missouri Police Department for over three decades in a variety of assignments. He became a police officer in March 1970 and was promoted through the ranks, serving as a detective, supervisor, commander and eventually as the Assistant Chief of Police. In 1997, he was named as Chief of Police for the Independence Police Department.

Chief George was instrumental in chairing a thirteen member police executive board of the Eastern Jackson County, MO Drug Task Force which supported a county wide quarter cent sales tax to fight the war on drugs. The Chief also served on the board of the Western Missouri Regional Police Academy, which formed a partnership with the Metropolitan Community College in constructing an $11 million police academy in Missouri. The academy houses a 2.9 mile driving course, which to date, is one of three in the country whose length allows specific training in emergency driving techniques.

During his tenure with the Alpharetta Police Department, Chief George has improved communications in all areas of the department and has been instrumental in building a strong command structure within the department. He implemented a strategy within the patrol shifts that provided the City with more officers on patrol, while at the same time the officers benefit from more time with their family and friends. As is evidenced by the department having minimum openings, police officers from around other City’s, County, and Nation seek out Alpharetta as a place where their career can be formed.

Chief George holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration and a master’s degree in Public Affairs “Public Management” from Park University in Parkville, Missouri. A graduate of the FBI National Academy, FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development course (LEEDS), and Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command. Chief George is an adjunct professor and has taught and authored many courses in Ethics and Statutory and Constitutional Law.         

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