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Fraud Prevention

Helpful Websites:

Georgia Identity Theft Website:

Fight Identity Theft Website:

Federal Trade Commission Website:


If the victim knows who committed the fraud against them they can go to the Fulton County Criminal Warrant Office located at 160 Pryor Street, Room J-135, Atlanta, GA and fill out a warrant application.

Please have a full name and address for the suspect. If you want a police report you can complete one but let them know if they use this process the report is for documentation only and we will not be completing a follow-up. If they know the suspect, going to the Warrant Office will be quicker for the victim. 

  • Identity Theft Affidavit

    Frequently Asked Questions: 
  • Q- Will filling a police report remove the fraudulent information from my credit report?
  • A- No. The victim will still have the responsibility of following up with creditors and credit bureaus to remove fraudulent information.



  • Q- If I made a police report, why should I report the crime to the Federal Trade Commission or the Internet Fraud Complaint Center?


  • A- These agencies act as a clearinghouse for fraud complaints. They also are able to find similarities between complaints and link related cases to assist in the investigation and apprehension of suspects.

  • Q- Will I get my money back? Criminal prosecution does not guarantee that your funds will be returned to you.


  • A- Often the courts will make restitution a part of sentencing.

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