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RecycleBank: Rewards For Recycling

As part of the city’s ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact on the community, the city is partnering with Republic Services (our service provider) and RecycleBank to offer a new and incentive-based recycling program that motivates people to recycle.

We believe that the RecycleBank program is a win-win-win for our residents, local businesses and the environment. The following sections provide additional information on this valuable program as well as links to the RecycleBank website.

All residents in the City of Alpharetta that have activated their RecycleBank account.
To activate your RecycleBank account please call 866-563-0114

RecycleBank is a rewards program that motivates participants to recycle by offering valuable RecycleBank Points for your recycling efforts. Participants can save over $100 annually through this rewards program.

Points can be redeemed for rewards such as groceries, apparel, and gift cards at local and national businesses (i.e. reward partners) in the Alpharetta area. The RecycleBank website contains a wealth of information about the program including a listing of reward partners.

RecycleBank technology consists of an identification chip in your recycling cart that identifies participation in the recycling program on pickup day. The combined weight of all recyclables collected on a given route is recorded and divided evenly amongst all participants on that same route. These weights are then converted to Points and a member can expect their points to post in their account within 5-7 BUSINESS DAYS after your weekly service day. The more you recycle, the more Points you can earn and the more money you can save each month ... Recycle, Redeem, Reward!

The advantages of the RecycleBank rewards program include:

 Incentive to recycle by offering valuable Points in exchange for your recycling efforts

 Redeeming RecycleBank Points for rewards like groceries, merchandise and gift cards can save you a over $8 a month

 Redeeming RecycleBank Points generates economic dollars for local and regional businesses located in City of Alpharetta

 Recycling is a critical step toward helping preserve our environment. Find tons of green information ( and more ways to earn Points! ) at

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