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Planning/ Zoning/ Land Development


Planning and Zoning functions include the following:
• Answering public inquiries regarding zoning, special uses, buffers, development regulations, master plans and land use.
• Review land development plans for compliance with zoning and other requirements.
• Issue zoning certification letters.
• Administer impact fees.
• Approve final plats.
• Process Public Hearing Applications.
• Provide public hearing information for the Planning Commission (Zoning Board), Board of Zoning Appeals, and Design Review Board.
• Prepare and print the City Zoning Map and Street Map.


Planning & Zoning Department:   Main Line: 678-297-6070

Michael Woodman, Zoning Administrator  Direct Line: 678-297-6076

Robert Strachler, Civil Engineer   Direct Line: 678-297-6218

Eric Graves, Senior Engineer - Development Services    Direct Line: 678-297-6220

David Shostak, City Arborist   Direct Line: 678-297-6229

Bret Schroeder, Design Review Board   Direct Line: 678-297-6088

Richard McLeod, Senior Planner (Public Hearings) Direct Line: 678-297-6072

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