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Codes Enforcement


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   Unified Development Code

Code Enforcement addresses a wide range of issues that affect the environment, health, safety, property values and general well-being of the residents of Alpharetta. Code Enforcement ensures that residential and business properties are properly maintained, that trash and debris are disposed of, and that inoperative/junk vehicles are not illegally stored.

The Code Enforcement Division’s routine functions include:

• Systematic code enforcement patrol of the entire city.

• Investigate citizen complaints.

• Contact code violators and monitor compliance activity.

• Bring unresolved code violations to the Code Enforcement Board and present evidence of the violation for the Board’s consideration.


Building Inspection & Code Enforcement Division, 678-297-6080

Code Enforcement West of Georgia 400, Officer Steve Domozick, 678-297-6087,

Code Enforcement East of Georgia 400, Officer Jason Warford, 678-297-6089,

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