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Emergencies: Dial 911
Non-Emergencies: (678)-297-6300

Fax:      (678) 297-6311
Phone: (678) 297-6302 (Assistant to Public Safety Director)

Located at:
Alpharetta Police Department
2565 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009

It is our desire to be an integral and active participant in the community through inclusion in its activities, groups and associations, and conversely, to have each of our members and staff accessible and responsive to the citizens we serve as well. There are manifested through problems centered in our community policing and problem solving initiatives; empowerment of the community and officers alike, with mutual efforts toward mutual goals. Included among these many initiatives are Neighborhood Watch programs within the residential communities to facilitate communications and cooperative interaction in crime awareness and prevention; similarly, a “business watch” program within the City’s business community where presentations are provided in personal safety, fraud awareness, robberies and other related topics; our Youth Activity programs are designed to be a positive interaction with our youth, including engaging interested and “at risk” youth in various activities through our Police Athletic League programs, and not just encounters through crime and enforcement contacts; our Adopt-a-School programs that afford interaction with the youth, their parents and school administrators throughout the schools in and out of the City. The department also participates in youth and adult volunteer services programs through the Law Enforcement Explorers and the Citizens Auxiliary Patrol Unit.

Our Department is comprised of seven components having multiple and overlapping duties and responsibilities, and is intended to limit the number of personnel that do not directly serve the citizens.

These components consist of:

  • Day Watch Patrol
  • Morning Watch Patrol
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Administrative Services
  • Support Services
  • Office of Professional Standards

The police department is proud to be a member of an elite society of accredited law enforcement agencies that now includes other countries and United States territories. We first achieved national accreditation on August 3, 1996, and became the first police agency in the State of Georgia to achieve state certification, a similar process, awarded August 12, 1997. In August 1999, the department received its first triennial re-accreditation award and in August 2002 we await our first State of Georgia re-certification award. Receipt of these awards are external symbols of continuing internal excellence, and affirms the management and operation of the Alpharetta Police Department is in compliance with state and national standards and accepted law enforcement practices.

The Alpharetta Police Department is a modern, progressive law enforcement agency providing a full array of services to our community. Our philosophy is very interactive and is founded on the premise of participation with the community and their participation with us. Through teamwork and in the spirit of participation, the Department will be responsive to our citizen’s needs with professional, dedicated service. Our officers are of the highest integrity, and regard each citizen with a focused and unbiased attitude. Our citizens will determine our success.


Crime Stoppers Tip Line
Phone: (678)-297-6307
Traffic Enforcement Unit
Police Department
Captain Terri Osborne
Phone: 678-297-6305
Alpharetta Jail
Police Department
Phone: 404-612-3432 or 3434
Non Emergency
Phone: (678)-297-6300
Phone: (678)-297-6306
Special Investigations
Phone: (678)-297-6385

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