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Fingerprinting / Alcohol Pouring, Taxi and Carry Permits

If you are applying for a liquor license for a business, you need to contact the Department of Public Safety at (678) 297-6306.
Location: 2565 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, Georgia Phone: 678-297-6303

*You may pay with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, personal check, money order or cash.

Fingerprinting Hours:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
9:00am - 2:30pm
*Closed Wednesday

Location: 2565 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta, GA.
Generally, the fingerprinting office will be open the hours above. On occasion, due to staffing, we may need to close the office without notice. Please call 678-297-6306 to verify the office is open before visiting the office
Taxi Permits for 1 year: $ 250.00
This price includes:
     Driver $ 100.00
     Vehicle $ 150.00
***We no longer issue temporary taxi permits***

Concealed Carry Permit $ 55.00
For concealed Carry Permits please be sure to get your initial application from the Probate Court before you come to get fingerprinted. Please call the Fulton County Probate Court at: 404-613-7638

Immigration, Adoptions, Security, Bankers, Private Investigation Licenses, Child Care Providers, Lottery Providers, Insurance Licenses, Real Estate Licenses and Bar Exams
Fingerprinting $ 30.00
Additional cards (over 2) $ 5.00
Fingerprinting requiring ink $ 35.00

*** Ink prints are only done on fingerprint cards that cannot be run on Live Scan***

Alcohol Pouring Permit 1 year $ 50.00

***We no longer issue temporary pouring permits***

City of Alpharetta Alcohol Screening Process
You will be DENIED an Alcohol Permit if you have ANY of the following in your background:
• Currently convicted of a Felony to include completion of felony probation.
• Failure to complete probation or currently on probation (to include any programs for First Offenders)
• Driving  Under the Influence more than one time within his or her lifetime.  In order to receive a permit, a conviction cannot have occurred within a three (3) year period prior to the initiation of the process to obtain a permit. 
• Offenses related to a disregard or disrespect for the law or law enforcement authorities
• Crimes dealing with sexual offenses, domestic violence, crimes against children, and crimes against public safety and order
• Offenses involving the threatened use of a deadly weapon and the use or attempted use of physical force
• Individuals convicted of Hit and Run, Vehicular Homicide, Attempting to Elude or Evade, or are considered a Habitual Violator
• Involvement in a theft that has been categorized as a felony.  The class of the theft shall be determined by the Georgia Criminal Code that was in effect at the time of the theft.
• Involvement in more than two instances of misdemeanor theft beginning at the age of 13.  Any conviction of theft cannot have occurred within three (3) years prior to the beginning of the process for obtaining a permit.
• Offenses dealing with illegal commercial gambling, bookmaking, loan sharking, or other related types of activities. 
• Conviction for any type of drug use, possession, sale, delivery, or involvement within three (3) years prior to the initiation of the process to obtain a permit
• Involvement in the felony possession of a controlled substance deemed illegal at the time of possession, regardless of the intent to distribute the substance
• Involvement in the selling, trading, distribution, growing, transporting, manufacturing, or preparing of any substance or drug considered as controlled or illegal by the Georgia Criminal Code in effect at the time of the act

Current as of November 8, 2013

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