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Uniform Patrol Division

Victim/Witness Line & "Crime Stoppers" and Drug Tip Line:† (678) 297-6307

The Alpharetta Police Department has established a Drug Tip Line. Callers are asked to offer information such as who is involved, what types of drugs are involved, and when and where the drug activity is occurring. The tip line is voluntary and anonymous. No attempt will be made to determine the name of a caller, but anyone may leave a name and telephone number if they wish. If you have any of this information, please call (678) 297-6307. If you wish to speak to an investigator, please contact (678) 297-6304.

If you have a case pending with the Alpharetta Police Department and want to find out its investigative direction, please allow at least 3 to 5 days to contact a detective. (Five days would be preferable whereas the detective can have time to become familiar with the case and determine the nature of the investigation.)

The Office of Professional Standards ensures quality law enforcement services are provided to the community through coordination of recruitment efforts, background investigations, and departmental training. Additionally, the Office of Professional Standards conducts the Internal Affairs function of the department.

For information:
(678) 297-6334

Traffic Safety-For information: (678) 297-6325

K-9 Unit: (678) 297-6306

Community Services: (678) 297-6309

Police Athletic League (PAL) Gymnasium:†(678) 297-6212

Youth Division Tip Line: (770) 208-1313

The Community Services Unit was developed to help break down the barriers between the Police Department and the Community and build a partnership to help decrease social disorder and the publicís fear of crime. Our goal is to empower our residential and business community to participate in our proactive stance of crime prevention and become active participants in our problem solving techniques.

Please take advantage of our programs offered to your community and help us help you work toward a safer community.

To inquire about more information, scheduling, or to make an appointment, please call our Community Services Unit Officers at (678) 297-6309.

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